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Every season, our Fine Art & Antiques auction provides an outstanding visual voyage back through the splendour of Swedish and international art and art history over the centuries

Panfilo Nuvolone, Stilleben med vindruvor, persikor och päron

The wealth of unique art and cultural treasures put up for sale season after season is truly astounding.

Paintings by Swedish masters such as Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors and Carl Larsson are some of the highpoints of our Fine Art & Antiques auctions every season. In recent years, we have set a number of records, with the sale of Anders Zorn's Sommarnöje (Summer Pleasure) for SEK 26 million (SEK 29.5 million, including commission) as the absolute highlight — the alltime record for an object sold at a Swedish auction. Other Swedish masters whose works are often put up for sale at our Classic auctions include Carl Fredrik Hill, Ernst Josephson, Eugene Jansson, Prince Eugen, Nils Kreuger, Carl Wilhelmson and Helmer Osslund. We are also regularly entrusted to sell works by other Nordic masters such as Edvard Munch, Helene Schjerfbeck, Wilhelm Hammershöi and Albert Edelfelt. Sculptures by Carl Milles and Carl Eldh are often featured at our Fine Art & Antiques auctions, too. Among older Swedish paintings and sculptures, we have regularly sold unique works by Alexander Roslin, Johan Tobias Sergel, Jakob Björck, Pehr Hilleström, Carl Gustav Pilo and other masters.

In the field of furniture and applied art, Gustavian joinery objects and items of applied art are particularly sought after. Furniture by master joiner Georg Haupt always commands towering prices — often in the seven-figure range. Objects by other Stockholm Masters such as Christian Linning, Gustaf Adolph Ditzinger, Melchior Lundberg, Gottlieb Iwersson and Fredrich Iwersson are also in great demand. Rococo works attract much attention, with interest growing steadily in recent seasons. The Baroque period is always well-represented, too, consistently providing a range of interesting lots for our Fine Art & Antiques auctions. Swedish Empire and Karl Johan items are much in demand in the context of interior design, and always attract interest from international collectors and interior decorators.

Every season at our Fine Art & Antiques auctions, we succeed in selling unique works from the international history of art, dealing in both art and applied art from a variety of different cultures and historical periods. Examples of Swedish and international Old Masters whose works we have had the honor to sell in recent years include David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, Lorenz and Ulrika Pasch, Guillaume Taraval, Lavinia Fontana, Jan Brueghel the younger, Martin Ryckaert and Jean Baptiste Greuze.

Our unique professional relationship with Cabinet Turquin, the international valuation institution based in Paris, provides a first-class guarantee for our ability to present the correct artist's name and the appropriate estimates in our Old Masters section.

Russian art and applied art is an area in which, through our exclusive collaboration with recognised expert Ivan Samarine, we have specialist skill, and where in recent years we have executed a number of notable sales of unique items. Ottoman and Turkey is another area that is rapidly attracting increasing interest, primarily internationally. However, the fastest-growing area in recent seasons has been our department for Chinese and oriental art and applied art, with collectors from all parts of the world attending our viewings and visiting our auctions.

Here are some of the many notable sales we have made in recent seasons at our Fine Art & Antiques auctions:

Anders Zorn Sommarnöje 29.500.000 SEK
Carl Fredrik Hill Afton 8.000.000 SEK
Lavinia Fontana Den heliga familjen med den heliga Katarina av Alexandria 4.000.000 SEK
Carl Larsson Anna-Johanna 3.1200.000 SEK
Alexander Roslin Comtesse de Bonneval 1.900.000 SEK
Axel Törneman Nattcafé I 3.310.000 SEK
A cloisonné enamel vase, China 1784 5.400.000 SEK
Beaker, rhino horn, probably Kangxi (1662-1722) 3.430.000 SEK
I.K. Aivazovsky Classical Poets by the water's edge in the Moonlight in Ancient Greece 9.200.000 SEK
K.E. Makovsky Interior with Mother and Daughter, 8.550.000 SEK
A complete set of insignia of the order of St Andrew, 7.100.000 SEK
A two colour gold and bowenite frame, Fabergé, 960.000 SEK

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