402. Cui Zifan (1915-2011)

Object description
CUI ZIFAN (1915-2011), ink and colour on paper, Lotus, signed and with two seals, c. 89 x 56 cm

Purchased 1980 from 'The Swedish-Chinese friendship association' in an art project with Dr Primrose Gigliesi. The painting by Cui Zifan is presented with image and description in the exhibition catalogue, lot 10.

Cui Zifan´s original, distinctive and sensuous way of using colour stems from many sources, such as folk art, Buddhist wall-painting, traditional "meticulous" (gong bi) style, as well as from gouache, watercolour and oil techniques. In order to emphasize depth and strength through rich colour tonalities he builds up his colours in layers, using the same technique as in ink washes, beginning with a light tone, then applying heavier and thicker coats. It bestows his tints with transparency as well as with an attractive, unusual glow.