495. A Tibeto-Chinese Gilt Bronze Figure of Vajradhara

Object description
A TIBETO-CHINESE GILT BRONZE FIGURE OF VAJRADHARA, cast seated in vajraparyankasana on a double-lotus base, with both hands crossed in prajnalinganabhinayamudra clasping a vajra and a ghanta, wearing an five-leaf crown enclosing the high chignon, the meditative face framed by large wheel-shaped earrings, adorned with elaborate jewellery inlaid with semi-precious stones, a dhoti incised with floral motifs and a long celestial scarf draped across the shoulders and arms, base sealed, 18th century, height c. 23.5 cm

From a Swedish private collection, purchased during the mid 20th century, mainly from Elis Eklöw

Vajradhara is considered to be the embodiment of all Buddhist Wisdom, the teacher of all Tantras.