202. An unique Edvin Öhrström Ariel vase 1939

Droit de suite

Object description
An Edvin Öhrström Ariel vase, Orrefors 1939, depicting the face of a girl, a doll and a teddybear, the pattern most likely unique, colors in reddish brown and light yellow, signed ORREFORS SWEDEN ARIEL No 179 and artist´s own signature E Öhrström, height 20 cm; minor scratches

Åke Stavenow (1898-1971), famous Swedish arthistorian, CEO for the Svenska Slöjdföreningen (Arts and Craft) 1935-1946. He also worked for Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930. The vase was probably a gift from Orrefors to Mr Stavenow.