6107. 18th century composite atlas with 54 maps

Object description
18TH CENTURY COMPOSITE ATLAS. 54 contemporary hand-coloured engraved maps, mostly by Homann, Homann heirs and T. C. Lotter , c. 1730-80, including World map, Europe, Scandinavia, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, large map of Philippines by Lowitz, America, Canada, Mississipi and Martinique (see complete list below). Size mostly 495x580 mm., some larger. Small vellum index tabs to some maps. Handwritten index of maps at the end.
Maps with small dampstains almost throughout, about 20 maps with larger dampstains in margin and in outer image area, world map with small tear to centrefold, 5 maps with mended tears, 1 map with tear in margin and into image area (Phillipines), 1 small hole to France, some creases and soiling, all maps with annotation in pencil.
Folio (c. 520x320 mm.). Bound in contemporary half leather, heavily worn and rubbed, covers partly loose, damaged spine, broken corners, red edges.

List of maps:

1. Tabula Poliometrica Germaniae (Meilenzeiger). 1731.
2. Orbis in Tabula.
3. Flags.
4. World map. (Mappe Monde ou Carte Generale de L'Univers, 1787, tear to centrefold).
5. Europa. Lotter
6. Silesiae. Lotter. 1758
7. Ducatus Silesiae. Homann Heredum. 1745.
8. Superiorem Silesiam. Homann Heredes Norimb. 1746.
9. Ducatus Teschenensis. Lotter (inset view of Teschen).
10. Diocese de Breslau. 1751.
11. Helvetia. Homannianis Heredibus. 1751.
12. Italiae. Seutteri.
13. Ducatus Sabaudiae. Bapt. Homanni.
14. Ducatus Mediolani. Bapt. Homannum
15. Domini Veneti. Bapt. Homanno.
16. Status Genvensis. Homannianis Heredibus. 1749.
17. Toscanae. Homannianis Heredibus. 1748.
18. Patrimonio di S. Pietro. (after Ameti 1696), Homann heirs c. 1750.
19. Totius Regni Neapolis. J. B. Homann.
20. Regni & Insulae Siciliae. Homannianorum Heredum. 1747.
21. De l'isle de Corse. Maillebois. 1756.
22. Le royaume de France. Steinberger.
23. Gallia Postarum. Homannianis Heredibus. 1745.
24. Gallia Benedictina. Homann heirs. 1738.
25. Alsatia. Homannianorum Heredum
26. Hispania et Portugalliae. J. B. Homann.
27. Hispania Benedictina. Homannianorum Heredum. 1750.
28. Portugalliae. J. B. Homann.
29. Belgium. Homanianis Heredibus. 1748.
30. Belgii universi. Homannianorum Heredum. 1747.
31. d'Angleterre. Lotter.
32. Daniae. Hübneri.
33. Scandinavia, Sueciae, Daniae & Norvegiae. Bapt. Homanni.
34. Borussiae. Bapt. Homanno. 1701.
35. Poloniae. Homannianos Heredes. 1757.
36. Lithuaniam. Homannianos Heredes. 1735 (Potentissimo Borussorum Regi...Lithuaniam Borussicam).
37. Hungariae. Homannianis Heredibus.
38. Karte von dem Banat Temeswar. Riedl. (1789).
39. Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia... J. B. Homann (c. 1730).
40. Imperii Russici. Hasii. 1730.
41. Provinciarum Turcico Tartaricarum. Du Chaffat c. 1740 (showing movement of Russian and turckish troups)
42. Asia. Homannianorum Hered. 1744.
43. Iudaea sev Palaestina. Bapt. Homanno.
44. Carte Hydrographique & Chorographique des Isles Philippines. Engraved by Lowitz, published by Homann. 1760 (small tears to inner margin, 1 into map area).
45. Africa. Hasio.
46. Americae. Homannianis Heredibus. 1746.
47. America septentrionalis. Homannianorum Heredum. 1756
48. Canada. Heritiers de Homan. 1755.
49. Occidentale Nouvelle France ou du Canada. Heritiers de Homann 1755.
50. Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi..., J. B. Homann (c. 1720).
51. Regni Mexicani nova Hispaniae. J.B. Homann (c. 1720).
52. Dominia Anglorum. Homannianis Hered. (c. 1740).
53. Martinique. Heritiers de Homann. 1762.
54. St Christophori, Antegoa, Barbadoes, Bermudes, Iamaica. Homannianos Heredes.