6116. Map over Guyana by Janssonius c. 1650-60

Object description
SOUTH AMERICA. GUYANA. JANSSONIUS, JAN. Guiana siue Amazonum Regio. Amsterdam, published between 1653-66.

Handcoloured engraved map with two cartouches, scale of miles, two sailing ships, a seamonster and a compass rose, c. 375x490 mm. German text on verso. Centrefold as usual, some minor spotting, small repair (1 cm) due to burnhole on verso. Framed with double glassing.

The map covers the coastline from the Isla Margarita in the northwest to the coast of northern Brazil near Sao Luis east of the Amazon delta. In the center of the map is "Parime Lacus", with the fabled city Manoa, ó el Dorado (the golden city of the Incas) on the shore. Many explorers, including Sir Walter Raleigh and Alexander von Humboldt, were on the search for this city.
Shows the area between the rivers Orinoco and Amazon, (present-day Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam and Brazil).