6146. Renieris tabulae Mediceae 1639

Object description
RARE BOOK ON ASTRONOMY. RENIERI, VINCENZO. Tabulae Mediceae secundorum mobilium universales, quibus per unicum prosthaphaereseon orbis canonem planetarum calculus exhibetur, non solum Tychonice juxta Rudolphinas, Danicas et Lansbergianas, sed etiam juxta Prutenicas, Alphonsinas et Ptolemaicas, authore D. Vincentio Renerio,... Florentiae (typis nouis Amatoris Massae, & Laurentij de Landis) 1639.

Folio (c. 330x235 mm.). (4), i-xxxvi, 1-316 pp. A few illustrations.
Contemporary vellum, somewhat worn, red edges, some worming to inner doublures and endpapers. Some leaves browned, minor foxing. Old signature to title and last page of Tiberij Dellabella. Loosely inserted a four-page manuscript fom 1638, probably by Dellabella, concerning payments or other economical transactions. Last page with astronomical calculations relating to the Tabulae Mediceae. Rare.

Vincentio (Vincenzio, Vincenzo) Reinieri (Renieri, Reiner) (1606 - 1647), Italian mathematician and astronomer. He was a friend and disciple of Galileo Galilei and a member of the Olivetan order. His order sent him to Rome in 1623 where he met Galileo at Siena in 1633. Galileo had Reinieri update and attempt to improve his astronomical tables of the motions of Jupiter's moons, revising these tables for prediction of the positions of these satellites. Reinieri became professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa on the death of Dino Peri. His astronomical work consisted of adding new observations of Jupiter's moons to Galileo's. To some degree, Reinieri improved the Galilean tables on the motions of these satellites. Before his death, Galileo decided to place all of the papers containing his observations and calculations in the hands of Reinieri, who was to finish and revise them. Reinieri's observations of Jupiter's moons remained unpublished at the time of his premature death at Pisa in 1647. (Wikipedia).

From a Swedish collection.