6195. Photographs on Turkey and Greece c. 1870-90

Object description
PHOTOGRAHS TURKEY - GREECE. Collection of 72 albumen prints depicting people and landscapes mostly in Turkey and Greece, mainly by Sébah & Joaillier and Guillaume (Wilhelm) Gustave Berggren. About 1870-90.

Albumen prints mounted on 59 cardboards (46 photographs 205x275 mm, 26 photographs 130x100 mm.). The smaller photographs mounted two on each cardboard. A couple with handwritten annotations on the cardboards, 1 photograph heavily stained, all other in very good condition. The majority of the photographs unsigned.

The photographs taken by the Swedish photographer Guillaume Gustave Berggren mostly consist of portraits of Turkish working people posing in their attire and with their equipment. The portraits depict, among others, musicians, cleaners, bakers, salesmen and carpenters. Other photographs depicts domestic scenes such as a man smoking a pipe, dancers and a man praying.
The photographs from the studio of Sébah & Joaillier mainly consist of landscape views and architectural photographs shot in Turkey and Greece. Several photographs shot in Acropolis and several of the exterior and interior of Hagia Sophia. Also photographs of people such as rowers, the crowds on the Galata bridge, a group of men smoking, dancing boys and street scenes.

Berggren (1835-1920) studied photography in Berlin and in 1866 moved to Turkey, where he opened his own studio in Istanbul in the early 1870s.
Sébah & Joaillier opened their studio in Istanbul in 1888 and the firm was chosen as the official photographers to the Sultan, with the assignment to photograph across the Ottoman Empire.