Live online bidding

It is easy and fun to participate in our live auctions through our online bidding service.

Visning Nutida

If you are an Internet customer of ours you can participate in the bidding through Internet.

If you want to participate you will first have to register with us as a customer. Your customer number and a password will give you access to all our internet services including live online bidding.

Become an internet customer

After you have logged in you will see the objects one by one in the same order as they appear in the catalogue. You will see the catalogue number, the picture and part of the catalogue text to the right of your screen.

The current bid and the bid required to participate in bidding are shown to the right. If you want to bid you simply click on the bid button. Your bid will be submitted via internet to the auction room where it will be registered by the auctioneer.

As long as your bid is the highest it will be clearly marked on your screen and you cannot by mistake increase your own bid. If your bid will win it will also be clearly marked on your screen.

Please observe! To bid 1 MSEK or more via Live Online Bidding requires a special approval. Please contact Client service at no later than 24 hours before the auction.

As with telephone bidding there is unfortunately always a risk that there will be a technical problem although we have done all that we can to minimize this risk.


Client service during the auction

Call +46 8 453 67 75

Online Auction

Viewing and bidding online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. See all objects and place your bids.

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