What's RSS?

RSS keeps you updated with the latest news from a web site, for example auktionsverket.se.


What do I need to read RSS feeds?

Most modern web browsers and some email applications support RSS. If you prefer to use a standalone RSS application, there are several free options like Omea Reader for Windows or NetNewsWire for Mac. You can also use a web based app like Google Reader.


How do I use RSS?

Once you have decided on which software to use, just click the RSS icon on your web sites of choice. Here at auktionsverket.com we also offer a couple of special functions. For example, make a search and click the RSS icon that appears next to the search results. This way you'll be notified every time a new article is published on the web site that matches your search terms.

rss icon This is what an RSS icon looks like, click it to subscribe!