The Art of Collecting

A unique ­collection curated by Thomas Ekström is sold together with our Modern Art & Design Auction. A tasteful blend of Scandinavian and international design, with highlights from some of the ­greatest ­designers of our times.

Chandelier. Arvid Böhlmarks Lampfabrik, c. 1925

You might call him one of the best kept secrets in the design world. This unique ­collection is curated by Thomas Ekström; a tasteful blend of Scandinavian and international design, with an ambition to showcase plural expressions and carefully ­selected materials, through highlights from some of the ­greatest ­designers of our times.

The art of collecting is about expressing your personality with objects. The perfect collection is never complete and is in constant transformation. Mr Ekström is confident when helping his clients with their acquisitions.

- Always try to remain true to your individuality when collecting, bear in mind you have to live with your things. Don’t be afraid to pay the double for a perfect sample, says Thomas Ekström.

As the co-author of the book, Axel Einar Hjorth - Möbelarkitekt, he presented himself to a wider audience. When dealing with design and the Decorative Arts, Mr Ekström favours long term relations with a selective group of clients. Since the launch, over a decade ago, of his underground showroom in Södermalm, Stockholm, Mr Ekström and his team have provided a hugely inspiring environment to his clients.

- I’m not very fond of people, l like objects, Thomas Ekström says. However, when l meet people who like ­objects too, suddenly we get along quite well. I have no need to show off. l work with people who appreciate what we are doing in the basement, without the rest of the world knowing what we are up to.

Through Stockholmmodern, Mr Ekström focuses on Scandinavian Design with a ­special ­expertise in the Swedish Grace and the Swedish Modern era. This beautifully curated ­collection states the importance and the influence of Scandinavian Design during the 20th century.

Stockholms Auktionsverk, Sweden’s leading auction house for the Decorative Arts and ­Design, is proud to present this unique ­possibility to purchase the perfect addition to your collection!

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