Rare Books, Maps & Manuscripts in December

Our catalogue of Rare Books, Maps and Manuscripts may turn up in a dark month, but we believe it includes many items to lighten the darkness.

Rare Books, Maps & Manuscripts

As a particularly important item, we offer a fine collection of maps and some atlases from the noble family von Celsing, from Biby in Södermanland.

We have the first edition of the great Encyclopedia of Diderot and d' Alembert, not complete, but with 1400 plates. Then there are three beautiful incunabulas, including one printed in Venice in 1472, and one by Thomas of Aquino from 1485, and many fine 16th century prints.You will find texts by Bridget, Olaus Magnus, the first Swedish medical book by Olai, published in Stockholm in 1578, an important work on chemistry and some splendid herbal works. An early songbook, Cantiones Piae, printed in Rostock in 1625 and a highly decorative embroidered twin binding are also among the older prints.
The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard published Begrebet angst under the pseudonym Vigilius Hauniensis in 1844.

There is a suite of the famous British magazine The Strand, where several of Conan Doyle's stories about Sherlock Holmes were published for the first time.

The modern theme is also back in the Arts and among Limited editions which offer abstraction, creation, nature non figuratif 1932 and 1935 and La surrealism et la peinture ... by Andre Breton (1928).

The renowned German Art Magazine PAN, which was published between 1895-1900, is included here in a complete edition with original graphics by Toulouse-Lautrec, Max Klinger, Käthe Kollwitz, Edvard Munch, and Auguste Rodin amongst others.

We have views of Rome by Sadeler and Piranesi, and Stefano della Bella's illustrated work of the Polish Ambassador's entrance into Rome 1633. There is also the beautiful Description des festivals ... with large decorative plates by Blondel from 1740.

Besides Delisle's large atlas with about 200 engraved maps which comes from Celsing library at Biby, you can fine Bertius' Atlas published in 1618, maps of both Allard, Blaeu, van Keulen and Waghenaer, the latter with interesting sea charts, including Nieuwe pascaert van het Stockholmse liet. Also a beautiful Madrid map by Homann, Ortelius' classic view of Scandinavia and the famous wall-map of Paris from 1739, the so-called Plan de Turgot, here in the bound state.

Natural sciences have much to offer, including a work by Aldrovandi, Elias Fries' work on fungi, four parts of the German botanist Ledebour's work Icones plantarum with 400 plates and L'Illustration horticole, a botanical journal published by Linden with beautiful chromolithograph plates. Furthermore, there is a very fine impression of Linnaeus in his Lapland Dress.

In addition we list a relic from the Civil War, A Manual of Military Surgery printed in 1863 in Richmond, a surgical guide that was found on a battlefield in Atlanta.

Books about tea and coffee are not that common, here we offer books on both these stimulants, but also works about chocolate and tobacco. Several are from the 1600s such as Le bon usage du the, du Caffé et du chocolate printed in Paris in 1687. Further on, among the manuscripts, there are some interesting German manuscripts on cookery from both 1600's - and 1700's.

There are many interesting names in the section on autographs and manuscripts, and amongst others we offer a small collection of notes written by the famous director Ingmar Bergman to his patient housekeeper, and an autograph of Swedish operasinger Jussi Björling on a Metropolitan program from 1956-57.

Rare Books, Maps & Manuscripts
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