Christo at Contemporary

Wrapped Reichstag (Project for Berlin) by Christo at Contemporary 15 may.

Christo, Wrapped Reichstag

The installation piece entitled "Wrapped Reichstag" was completed in Berlin on 24 June 1995. It was a project that had taken a very long time to complete, occupying countless participants under the leadership of Christo and his equally active partner Jeanne-Claude. Together, the couple forms the foundations of a unique form of artistic expression, one that continues to interest, fascinate and astound its global audience. For decades, they have taken on one seemingly impossible project after another.

In connection with a trip to New York, the current owner of the work - a former purchaser for H&M with a huge interest in modern art - read about an exciting artist named Christo. Through Mats Gustavsson, one of the leading fashion designers in the world, and (at that time) H&M consultant Lars-Peder Hedberg - one of the founders of Intellecta - the charismatic art dealer Jan-Eric Löwenadler secured an introduction. He set up an artistic tour of Soho, where the biggest art experience by far was a visit to Christo and Jeanne-Claude at their home. Together, they then visited the studio where Christo had recently created the work presented at this auction - which was purchased that same day.

Almost ten years later, they met again when Christo and Jeanne-Claude visited Lund in connection with the official opening of the Lund Energidagar (Energy Days) event. A number of major companies including Tetra Pak and Gambro had invited Christo and Jeanne-Claude to personify the significance of the creative person's energy - the energy and creativity that are unfortunately all too often lost in big companies and organisations.

It was flattering recognition of the two entrepreneurial artists on the part of big business. With great enthusiasm, the couple used the inauguration speech to talk about their large-scale projects all over the world. About assiduous, vital and durable innovation. About all the energy that art demands in the form of uninterrupted creativity, constant meetings and conflict resolution at various levels with everyone from politicians and landowners to fabric and rope suppliers and mountaineers. And, not to forget, thousands and thousands of volunteers! A creation that involves a 10-20-year project from initial idea to completion of the final work. A unique art experience for everyone, in an urban or a rural setting, as incidental as an opera performance, for example.

The biggest challenge facing the Christo couple with regard to the Reichstag in Berlin was that at the start of the project, half of the building lay in the east side of the city and half in the west. However, Christo and his partner are dedicated soul mates, born on either side of the Iron Curtain. In the words of the current owner: "And an angel walked through the room when Jeanne-Claude began her speech by explaining that she and Christo were born in the hour of the same day of the same month of the same year - but not on the same side of the Berlin Wall ."

Lot 414. Christo
SEK 550 000-600 000
€ 66 700-72 800

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