A collection of Jade objects at Fine Art & Antiques

Provenance: the Swedish Sea Pilot and Businessman Carl Lindgren (1843-1871).

A Spinach-Green Jade Box and Cover

Lot 3113-3124

The collection was purchased by the Swedish Sea Pilot and Businessman Carl Lindgren (1843-1871). He came to Taku close to Tianjin in 1863, at that time China's most important port north of Shanghai. Due to health problems Carl Lindgren left China in November 1870 and died in London during the spring 1871. His father went to England and collected his possessions. Among them were several beautiful and interesting jade objects. For exampel a pale celadon jade 'bamboo' wrist rest, naturalistically carved as bamboo stems in high relief and leafy young bamboo shoots, hollowed underside, 18th century. The collection has been in the same family ever since.

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