Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

Stockholms Auktionsverk and Mattias Stenberg present an exhibition and auction by Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholm Auktionsverk during the Stockholm Design Week.


Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

Swedish architect and designer Mattias Stenberg approaches design from a holistic point of view, where the object is always placed with respect to the viewer and the objects' surroundings. Whether concerning furniture or objects, he can make mass-produced objects feel tactile and handmade. Since Stenberg founded his studio in 2010, he has managed to design an impressive range of furniture and design objects.

The upcoming exhibition and auction celebrate Stenberg's wide range of designs and presents over 120 furniture pieces and design objects produced exclusively for this exhibition by some 20 leading design and furniture manufacturers. Through a mix of unique objects, new and updated designs, the audience is allowed to explore Mattias Stenberg's personal and poignantly timeless design universe.

 The project was initiated by Mette Rode Sundström, CEO of Stockholm Auktionsverk: 

'I met Mattias at a design event a few years ago, where I was inspired by his curiosity and desire to explore different avenues in design. Mattia's pieces reflect his fascinating span as a designer. He has designed everything from chairs, armchairs and sofas, to lamps and carpets, ceramics and glass art. For me, there is a certain playfulness and courage to continually throwing yourself into new product areas and materials. Also, Mattias has an admirable ability to combine his creative talent with a sharp strategic sense. He is also a master at shaping his creative power through precise project management, logistics and exhibition design. Thus, a kind of 360-degree view of the experience that his designs seek to create for us consumers.

We are very proud to present Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholm Auktionsverk; where we invite people to explore fully Mattias’ 10 years in the realm of design and all the producers he collaborates with.'

Mattias Stenberg’s comments about the project: 

'I suddenly felt a need to stop and summarize. For the first time, to really look at the entirety of previous years’ work. Literally!

After all, it is a notably unique opportunity for me to be able to collect so many of my furniture pieces and items in one place, curated only for this singular occasion. And in addition, together with about 20 different partners, we may not usually meet in the same environment.

I am often asked what it is that characterizes my design? What is the red thread? What is the essence? I often talk about it in different contexts and utilize value concepts such as timelessness, function and experience.

But ultimately, good design needs to be able to communicate wordlessly, without me prompting the discovery. A piece of furniture or an item should immediately be understood at an intuitive level. Following this, I should like to outfit the design with details, materiality, tactility, which, as well, seeps out over time - layers upon layers of small experiences. After all, timelessness is not about colour or form, but about a preserved interest.

During Stockholm Design Week, all the items are displayed and sold at a curated theme auction at the Stockholm Auktionsverk. Most of the participating furniture and design manufacturers donate their sales revenue to charitable causes.'

A big thank you to all of our participating partners:

Adea, Asplund, Bsweden, Bolon, Bute Fabrics, David Design, Design House Stockholm, Gustavsbergs Porcelain Store, Jot Jot, Klong, Kosta Boda, Materia, Mitab, Nola, Northern, Offecct, Skultuna, Sørensen Leather, Nordiska Stengruppen, Vola, Västerås Möbelhantverk, Zero.


February 4-8
Stockholms Auktionsverk
Nybrogatan 32, Stockholm, Sweden 


The auction starts on 2 February and ends on 9 February 

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