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Gösta Rashammar, an inquisitive and dedicated collector with an expert eye for aesthetics and perfection. That is probably how best to describe the man who, accompanied by his wife Märta, dedicated 50 years to his passion: building up a truly remarkable collection of Oriental artefacts, all bought at auctions from Sweden’s leading auction houses.



Fine Art & Antiques

Born in 1919 in Norrköping, Sweden, Gösta Rashammar latched onto his passion at an early
age, when he discovered the delight of interpreting and describing his surroundings through
the media of his camera, paintbrushes and easel. Having completed his studies, he moved to
Stockholm and made a start on his career at one of the leading chains of department stores in
Sweden. Gösta was given responsibility for decoration and window dressing, and it was when
he was commissioned by the American brand Max Factor to develop an Asian theme that his
interest in Asia – primarily China – began to blossom. He and his wife Märta visited well-
known auction houses in Stockholm, where they came to bid on all kinds of beautiful
porcelain, figurines, Buddha figures, guard dogs and incense bowls. Everyone who had the
pleasure of visiting Gösta and Märta’s beautiful home in Stockholm was amazed not only at
the sheer size of the collection, but also by Gösta’s uncanny knack of positioning every item
perfectly in the apartment’s magnificent light.

The collection, which covers a protracted period – from the Tang Dynasty to the 1900s – is
distinguished by impressive discernment and feeling. In addition to Oriental porcelain, it
comprises weapons, rugs and artworks. The absolute highlight is an unusual bronze Buddha
figure from Mongolia. This figure was created in the 1700s and stems from the School of
Zanabazar. The stylish, elegant and relatively fastidious bronze figures from this particular
school are highly appreciated today by collectors and auction aficionados all over the world.
The distinguishing features of this masterpiece are primarily its minimalist decoration, the
solid gilding and the tall double-lotus plinth on which the Buddha is placed.

Up until his death in 2016 at the venerable age of 97, Gösta continued to participate actively
in high-quality auctions. Both husband and wife have now passed away and the Rashammar
Collection containing more than 200 items is being sold at auction – with the greatest respect
and admiration for these two firebrands who spent more than 50 years witnessing,
participating in and contributing the world of auctions in Stockholm.
Stockholms Auktionsverk is delighted and proud to have been granted responsibility for
writing the next chapter in the history of this collection.

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