Russian paintings in the Autumn Classic Sale

We are privileged to offer for sale some pictures from the collection of the renowned Italian journalist Paolo Valentino.

, Property from the collection of Paolo Valentino

Stockholm's Auktionsverk is privileged to offer for sale some pictures from the collection of the renowned Italian journalist Paolo Valentino who worked as Moscow correspondent for the Corrierre della Sera between 1990 - 1995. Amongst them is a Still Life painted in the early 1920's by David Shterenberg, which he acquired through his friendship with the artist's daughter Violetta, herself a painter. He describes their meeting as follows:

I think the hat and the scarf made the difference. I was wearing them, when my interpreter Svetlana Karlamova introduced me to Violetta Davidovna Shterenberg, "Fialka" for her friends, daughter of the late David Petrovich Shterenberg, one of the leading painters of the Russian avant-garde.

It was 1993 and I had already been the Moscow correspondent for the Italian daily Corriere della Sera for three years. I was interested in Russian art and meeting Fialka, an established and respected painter herself, was an immense privilege. We became friends and she asked me to pose for her (with the hat and the scarf, of course). The result is the picture you see, of which she made two copies: one I bought, the other was given among others to the Pushkin Museum after her death.

It was later that I expressed to her the wish to buy some of her father's paintings. She didn't want to sell any of those in her possession, except for the etchings. The opportunity came when some relatives needed money and decided to sell three pictures. They turned to Fialka, and she put me through. She said that she wanted to know where her father's work would end up. The deal was made and for twenty years now I have enjoyed the pleasure of their presence in my life.

Paolo Francesco Valentino

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