Sarajevo Sessions

Scandinavian designers discover Bosnian handicraft

Monica Förster och Gert Wihgårdh

See the exhibition Sarajevo Sessions during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Welcome to Nybrogatan 32, 3-6 February kl 10am-6pm

Leading Scandinavian Designers and a Family of Bosnian Craftsmen team up to launch a new line of furniture at IMM Cologne and Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Harri Koskinen, Monica Förster, and Gert Wingårdh are teaming up with a generations old Bosnian furniture maker to create ZANAT, a new line of high-end designer furniture in solid wood with sustainability in mind. Three products from the new line were bestowed with the Interior Innovation Award 2015.

The family behind the new company has been creating unique wood furniture since the late 1800s, and its original carving style—still in use today—was recently nominated by the Bosnian government for inclusion on the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage List. The world-famous designers were drawn to the company because of its commitment to what they call "Universal Sustainability," meaning not just zero wood waste, well-managed forest resources, and a minimal carbon footprint heading toward nil, but also an obligation to building strong, sustainable communities by not only hiring, training, and paying fair wages to workers in an economically depressed part of the world, but also supporting like-minded local entrepreneurs by building a global marketing platform for their products.

Zanat will follow its official launch at IMM Cologne January 19-25 with an impressive exhibition at magnificent premises of the world's oldest auction house (Stockholms Auktionsverk) during the Stockholm Furniture Fair from February 2rd to 6th. The Stockholm exhibition will feature not only Zanat's exquisite furniture, but also an exhibition of artistic photography on their carving technique (nominated this year for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) as well as other Bosnian cultural heritage.

Exhibitions at both fairs will feature members of the Niksic family of wood carvers, who can discuss their craft and traditions, as well as members of the design team, and of course the incredible products they have created for this line, three of which were awarded the prestigious Interior Innovation Award We are more than happy to speak with members of the media, especially those who are interested in the intersection of high-end design and craftsmanship, environmental sustainability, inclusive economic growth, fair trade practices, and the feel good story of a company helping to rebuild and strengthen a country that is only two decades removed from brutal war.

At online auction 9 February: Bowls by Monica Förster, Zanat 

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