Success for the art!

Twelve million-kronor sales and an impressionist painting sold for SEK 16,600,000

Alfred Sisley, Le Parc, 1878

There is no other way to describe this auction day but as a resounding success. A total of twelve million-kronor sales were recorded, and the painting by the great impressionist Alfred Sisley was sold – after a hair-raising round of bidding involving numerous international bidders – for SEK 16,600,000, making it the most expensive work of art sold this year. A new, peerless record was achieved for a work by Ivan Aguéli with the sum of SEK 6,600,000 marking the first time that Aguéli has broken the magical million barrier – and then some!

Our focus on women artists proved very fruitful, with million-kronor bids for works by Julia Beck (another new record!) and Helene Schjerfbeck, and record prices achieved by works by Ida Gisiko Späck SEK 318,000 (no. 2001) and Fanny Brate SEK 674,000 (no. 2031). The Russian department, too, enjoyed a wonderful day, with appreciable international interest and multiple million-kronor sales. A fantastic auction result, in other words, and a day that is sure to go down in auction history. Stockholms Auktionsverk, which will celebrate its 340th anniversary next year, is alive and kicking!

All the day’s million-kronor sales:
No. 2022 Julia Beck L’Etang (Brume) SEK 1,654,000 (estimated price SEK 800,000–1 million)
No. 2036 Helene Schjerfbeck  Luktärter SEK 1,960,000 (estimated price SEK 2–2.5 million)
No. 2066 Carl Fredrik Hill Blommande fruktträd III SEK 1,960,000 (estimated price SEK 2–3 million)
No. 2071 Eugène Jansson Sommarkväll SEK 1,225,000 (estimated price SEK 1–1.5 million)
No. 2080 Ivan Aguéli Stockholmsutsikt SEK 6.600.000 (estimated price SEK 2–2.5 million)
No. 2098 Bruno Liljefors Tornseglare SEK 2,940,000 (estimated price SEK 3–4 million)
No. 2157 Ivan Aguéli Gotländskt landskap SEK 2,020,000 (estimated price SEK 1–1.2 million)
No. 2169 Carl Larsson I blåsten SEK 1,290,000 (estimated price SEK 1.2–1.5 million)
No. 2179 Bruno Liljefors Vinterlandskap med domherrrar SEK 1,066,000 (estimated price SEK 500–600,000 )
No. 2291 Alfred Sisley Le Parc SEK 16,600,000 (estimated price SEK 10–12 million)
No. 2335 D.P. Schterenberg Still Life SEK 3,790,000 (estimated price SEK 1–1.2 million)
No. 2339 D.P. Schterenberg Portrait of a woman SEK 1,776,000 (estimated price SEK 200–300,000)

Total, Day 2
Total lot estimate: SEK 50.7 million
Total sales: SEK 62.7 million
(All prices include buyer’s commission and droit de suite where applicable)

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