Vase bid up from SEK 8,000 to SEK 2.4 million

The Oriental department served up real sensations and an additional three million-kronor sales.

A Blue and White Famille Rose Vase

Today, the hall was packed with Chinese buyers and the phones were staffed by Chinese interpreters. The Chinese market is highly unpredictable, and numerous items achieved many times their estimated prices. The biggest surprise of all came from one of the very last lots of the day: a blue/white Famille Rose vase from the late 1800s or early 1900s, which was bid up from SEK 8,000 to SEK 2,400,000. The lots sold by the Oriental department generated SEK 6 million more than estimated.

This Fine Art & Antiques is the biggest in the history of Stockholms Auktionsverk. In total, the lots sold generated SEK 93 million and the auction house recorded fully 16 million-kronor sales.

All the million-kronor sales at the auction:
No. 1091 Console table, Gustavian, J.B. Masreliez SEK 1,180,000 (estimated price SEK 250–300,000)
No. 2022 Julia Beck L’Etang (Brume) SEK 1,654,000 (estimated price SEK 800,000–1 million)
No. 2036 Helene Schjerfbeck  Luktärter SEK 1,960,000 (estimated price SEK 2–2.5 million)
No. 2066 Carl Fredrik Hill Blommande fruktträd III SEK 1,960,000 (estimated price SEK 2–3 million)
No. 2071 Eugène Jansson Sommarkväll SEK 1,225, 000 (estimated price SEK 1–1.5 million)
No. 2080 Ivan Aguéli Stockholmsutsikt SEK 6,600,000 (estimated price SEK 2–2.5 million)
No. 2098 Bruno Liljefors Tornseglare SEK 2,940,000 (estimated price SEK 3–4 million)
No. 2157 Ivan Aguéli Gotländskt landskap SEK 2,020,000 (estimated price SEK 1–1.2 million)
No. 2169 Carl Larsson I blåsten SEK 1,290,000 (estimated price SEK 1.2–1.5 million)
No. 2179 Bruno Liljefors Vinterlandskap med domherrrar SEK 1,066,000 (estimated price SEK 500–600,000)
No. 2291 Alfred Sisley Le Parc SEK 16,600,000 (estimated price SEK 10–12 million)
No. 2335 D.P. Schterenberg  Still Life SEK 3,790,000 (estimated price SEK 1–1.2 million)
No. 2339 D.P. Shterenberg Portrait of a woman SEK 1776,000 (estimated price SEK 200–300,000)
No. 3002 Chinese school The Canton Waterfront SEK 1,600,000 (estimated price SEK 200–250,000)
No. 3013 Pan Tianshou Two Chicks SEK 1,290,000 (estimated price SEK 900,000–1 million)
No. 3295 Vase, blue/white Famille Rose SEK 2,400,000 (estimated price SEK 8–10,000)

FACTS Fine Art & Antiques
Total, Days 1–3
Total estimated price: SEK 73.2 million
Total sales: SEK 93 million

(All prices include buyer’s commission and droit de suite where applicable)

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