One record after another for the art of Endre Nemes!

A spectacular viewing became a spectacular auction! Stockholms Auktionsverk’s commission to sell more than 400 works by Endre Nemes elevate the artist’s works to an entirely new price level, with three new world records and huge international interest. Around 70% of the purchases were made by overseas bidders. The works of Endre Nemes from the 1920s until his death in 1985 constitute one of the most interesting artistic oeuvres in Europe.

Still Life with animal mask and plaster head

The auction was only minutes old when lot 12, Still Life with Animal Mask and Plastic Head from 1936, sold for the highest price ever recorded for a work by Nemes: the sensational figure of SEK 704,000 (estimated price: SEK 80–100,000). The painting entitled The Great Parade from 1944 sold for SEK 661,000 (lot no. 104, estimated price: SEK 200–250,000) while The Dream of the White Horse, also from 1944, fetched SEK 674,000 (lot no. 121, estimated price: SEK 200–250,000).

So yet another special auction can be added to Stockholms Auktionsverk’s list of successes!

Other noteworthy prices:

No. 10 The Snake Charmer, 1936, SEK 540,000 (estimated price: SEK 100–125,000)
No. 14 Still Life with Animal Mask and Gin Bottle, 1935, SEK 490,000 (estimated price: SEK 60–80,000)
No. 16 Woman with Marionettes, 1942, SEK 416,000 (estimated price: SEK 125–150,000)
No. 37 The Great Pantomime, 1943–44, SEK 540,000 (estimated price: SEK 250–300,000)
No. 72 Woman with Guitar and Church, 1943, SEK 294.000 (estimated price: SEK 80–100,000)
No. 76 The Women with Cello, 1943, SEK 440,000 (estimated price: SEK 80–100,000)
No. 86 The Painter in front of a Painting, 1936, SEK 478,000 (estimated price: SEK 250–300,000)
No. 129 Self Portrait, 1940, SEK 490,000 (estimated price: SEK 150–200,000)
No. 216 Interrogation Tool II , 1969–71, SEK 245,000 (estimated price: SEK 125–150,000)
No. 222 Encounter with the Baroque, 1968–69–79, SEK 430,000 (estimated price: SEK 300–400,000)
No. 256 Everyday Life during the Thirty Years’ War, 1977, SEK 270,000 (estimated price: SEK 125–
No. 261 The Commander’s Epitaph, 1972–77, SEK 245.000 (estimated price: SEK 175–200,000)
No. 301 Window of Time, 1971–81, SEK 220,000 (estimated price: SEK 125–150,000)

(All final prices include buyer’s commission and VAT)

Total lot estimate: SEK 12.5 million
Total sales: SEK 17.2 million (incl. buyer’s commission and VAT)

For additional details, contact Pierre Olbers St Bellies, the curator responsible, on +46 8 4536761.

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