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Have you been considering selling an object, e.g., a work of art or an antique chest of drawers, but are unsure where and how you should go about it? If so, let us tell you how Stockholms Auktionsverk would approach the matter, if entrusted to carry out the sale on your behalf, to achieve a favourable outcome.

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Following our initial contact, one of our experts will inspect your painting or your chest of drawers. Our photographer will take a picture of it. The expert starts by gathering all known information about the object and putting it into an art historical context. In the meanwhile, we investigate the current price situation and where presumptive buyers are found. The preliminary work is important and cannot be rushed. When we are finished, we present the results of our analysis and opinion of the object's quality. We tell you what we consider the likely market price to be and propose an appropriate estimate price based upon previous auctions of similar works in Sweden and abroad. Naturally, your wishes are taken into account and considered in light of present demand.


The marketing department presents a carefully designed plan for how we can most effectively inform the Swedish and international markets that the object is for sale. Advertising in the Swedish and international press is a vital component, as is our network of branch offices and representatives in Sweden and Europe. Internet is also important in this context.

Once we have agreed upon the conditions of sale, the starting shot is fired and feverish activity to market your object begins. The painting or the chest of drawers is presented in our auction catalogue with a photograph and a text describing the object's provenance. The catalogue is published on our website.

Prior to the auction, we hold a public viewing that attracts some 20-25,000 visitors. Viewings are held in our modern premises in Stockholm's prime commercial district. Journalists and particularly affluent customers are invited to an advance viewing. Our experts respond to queries from all over the world.


Auction day is here. The atmosphere in the main auction room is one of anticipation and excitement. Many customers attend the auction by telephone. The gavel falls. 25 working days after the auction, the money is deposited into your bank account. The commission is complete.

A valuable work of art or an antique chest of drawers would be sold at one of our Fine Art and Antiques auctions, but the process varies for different types of objects. Many objects may be more suitable for sale at a Collector´s Auction or at City Auction. Although marketing varies for different types of auctions, we always put great emphasis on it.

It is impossible for us to prove that Stockholms Auktionsverk is the pre-eminent sales alternative, but 328 years in the auction business and our rank among the ten largest auction firms in the world speaks for us.
It is a matter of trust. The guiding principles of our business are Knowledge, Service and Ethics. You are most welcome to call us to discuss your needs, at no obligation to you. We look forward to the opportunity to show you in detail what we can offer.

Important telephone numbers

Client Services +46 8 453 67 50
Fax + 46 8 24 24 07


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