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Assess My Object

If you have many or large/bulky objects, we advise you to contact us first.

Stockholms Auktionsverk Helsinki

E-mail valuation
The e-mail must contain as many of the following items as possible:
- detailed description of the object (e.g. dimensions, material, designer/manufacturer, origin, damage, etc.)
- photos, if possible (*.jpg format, maximum 10 MB)
- name and customer account number, if relevant
- address and telephone no.
- e-mail address


Then e-mail the above particulars to the auction house nearest you:
Magasin 5, Palermogatan 19, in Stockholm’s Frihamn: vardering@auktionsverket.se
The Globe
, Slakthusgatan 22, Johanneshov: vardering.globen@auktionsverket.se
, Geijersgatan 14: goteborg@auktionsverket.se
, Makadamgatan 11: vardering.helsingborg@auktionsverket.se
, Baltzargatan 6: vardering.malmo@auktionsverket.se
, Södra Kajen 14: info.helsinki@auktionsverket.com
Nybrogatan 32
, Stockholm: fineart@auktionsverket.se


Telephone valuation
You can also reach us by telephone for a valuation. See the telephone numbers under the respective auction houses’ contact pages by clicking the Auction House’s name on the list above.


Valuation by ordinary post
If you would rather post a letter with photographs of the object, this is obviously okay as well. Please refer to “E-mail valuation” to see the specific information you need to enclose with the letter. You will find postal addresses under the respective auction houses’ contact pages by clicking the name of the Auction House on the list above.


Please note that valuations based on photographs are always preliminary and can be revised. Valuations done by Stockholms Auktionsverk are confidential and will not be used by a third party.


Valuations in your home
For large consignments, we can also make a sales valuation in your home. Read more about this under Valuation of entire estates


Online Auction

Viewing and bidding online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. See all objects and place your bids.

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