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"Boulevardkartongen" by Pontus Hultén 1955

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(HULTÉN, PONTUS, and others). Boulevardkartongen Tvångsblandaren. /Vårblandaren 1955. Stockholm (Blandaren) 1955.

Original box (about 300x430), worn, containing 2 "Combinationoriginalhandpaintings" [Kombinationsoriginalhandmålningar], about 34 loose partly illustrated prints in different sizes (lacking a candy, lottery ticket, and liquorice figure, "newspaper placard" with spots and marginal damages, a few items somewhat spotted, otherwise in good condition and complete as far as we know, but may lack one or two printed small items). It refers to dadaist art. + Vårblandaren 1954 och 56.
The famous "Boulevardkartongen Tvångs-Blandaren", from 1955, was edited by the student periodical "Blandaren", and among the editors a young Pontus Hultén, from 1960 head of the Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm. This item had a seminal influence on George Maciunas and the so-called "Fluxus boxes". He used this box-issue as a model for his different kits.


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